Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Radiation Update

While attempting to photograph the ongoing floral display from my Christmas/Easter cactus this morning, my phone somehow someway changed exposure and I got this...

...a greenish image on St. Patrick's Day. Not even joking. It should be obvious from my photography skills that I couldn't have arranged this if I tried. Leprechauns, I guess.

A brief radiation update: 7 down, 26 to go! So far I'm feeling ok, although I've noticed the tissue is feeling sore and tender. I've also been tired but it's really hard to say if that's directly from radiation treatments, or if it's a chemo hangover, or if it's just because I had a busy weekend. It's probably a combination of all three. Anyway, enjoy St. Paddy's Day, and as Homer Simpson famously said on this day:

To alcohol! The cause of—and solution to—all of life's problems.

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